Congressmen come to Kansas to back Huelskamp

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- Three members of Congress were in Kansas Monday to campaign for first district Representative Tim Huelskamp ahead of next week's Republican primary.

Huelskamp is in a tough reelection bid against fellow Republican Roger Marshall of Great Bend.

Conservative Representatives Steve King of Iowa, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, and Jim Jordan of Ohio appeared at four town hall events with Hueslamp today in St. Mary’s, Junction City, McPherson, and Salina.

The Representatives told the group that Huelskamp was a principled conservative and urged voters to send Huelskamp back to Washington D.C. to fight against what they believed to be ‘establishment’ politicians.

“A lot of us who are conservative in Washington and stand on principle wanted to come out to the first district of Kansas specifically to support our friend and let people know that he's doing the right things for the right reasons,” said Bridenstine. “We need him to come back to Washington D.C. and continue to move our congress in a more conservative direction."

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said he cleared his schedule to come to Kansas to campaign for Huelskamp after learning how close the race had become.

“He’s a man of character and he’s a leader in the congress and a leader in the tea party and the tea party caucus,” said King. “He’s a leader of the things that matter to middle America.”

King also said the race between Huelskamp and Marshall had national implications.

“If Kansas sent a moderate to congress having run him against a principled conservative like Tim Huelskamp, that empowers the establishment wing of the party,” said King.

Huelskamp also told the crowd that he fully expects to regain his seat on the House Agricultural Committee which has been a major criticism from some of Huelskamp opponents.

“I fully expect to get back on the Ag committee,” said Huelskamp.

Huelskamp said he serves on the steering committee which will meet in December to make committee assignments for various committees including the Agriculture committee.

Meanwhile, the campaign for Huelskamp’s primary opponent, Dr. Roger Marshall criticized the town hall.

“The irony of Huelskamp flying in DC politicians to try and salvage his 20-year political career, all while calling a first-time candidate and doctor from Great Bend the ‘establishment,’ is truly comical,” said Marshall campaign manager Brent Robertson. “We'll keep our endorsements from the Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, and other groups that impact the daily lives of Kansans."

Both the Huelskamp and Marshall campaigns say they plan to keep working hard to pull out a win on election day.