These are not the ramen noodles you remember from college

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) — If you went to college, you've experienced ramen noodles. Maybe you spiced it up by adding something to it. But one Lawrence restaurant knows the art that goes into the true oriental dish.

Ramen noodles are the go to for any college kid. Pop it in the microwave and instant dinner. But a restaurant in Lawrence says, there is more to ramen then you think.

"Ramen is essentially is soup, as everybody knows. Its noodles. Great broth and for some people its fun playful toppings," said Shantel Grace, owner of Ramen Bowls.

But she says it’s even more than that.

"If you want something healthy, with incredible nutrition. You want homemade noodles. You want homemade stock. Bone broth, and beautiful local toppings, then you're going to want something different," explained Grace.

Ramen Bowls at 9th and Mass in Lawrence, opened nearly 5 years ago, providing gourmet Ramen. Shantel and Tim Grace lived in Hawaii and experienced their first ramen shop and deiced to bring it back to Kansas. The first ramen shop in the state.

"We had a great year, and we're continually growing and trying to be better and better all the time," Grace touted.

But what makes their ramen so much better?

"We are one of the hand full of ramen shops in the US that actually makes traditional Japanese noodles," she said.

They make their noodles each morning for all to see, and their noodles have become so popular, they supply them to shops in Kansas City and other locations. They even have started growing their own ingredients for the noodles. But the flavor is also in the broth.

"Right now they are making a chicken stock. Later on it will get seasoned with bonito flakes. It gives it tons of flavor," she detailed.

The noodles were unlike anything I could make at home. But you can't forget about the sides. With choices like big homemade chicken wontons, homemade pickles and more. If you don't believe me, ask the customers.

“The flavors phenomenal. I feel like every time I come here I get a different broth and I'm never disappointed," said customer Lacey Sowards.

Ramen Bowls has even taken their restaurant on the road. They deliver in Lawrence, and will cater. They also plan to sell their stock and homemade noodles so you can make gourmet roman at home.