The heat can't stop the party at Fiesta Mexicana

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- High temps may make for a slow start, but it doesn't stop the party at Fiesta Mexicana.

With the high temperatures, there wasn’t as many early birds as they expected, but Pastor Jerry Arano Ponce at Our Lady of Guadalupe church said the people are used to the heat and have several ways to stay cool.

"I believe that people love the cause, because they know that this is a fundraiser for our catholic school,” Arano Ponce said. “They love to support the children's education and also they love to have fun and enjoy the good food, so it’s probably a tradition for many of them."

Michel' Cole and her husband said coming to Fiesta Mexicana is a tradition. Over the years, they have learned strategies to stay cool.

“When our kids were little we used to come out here all the time and we'd wait until the sun went down,” Cole said. “But just staying hydrated and staying in the shade. Lots of shady places out here, lots of things to hydrate with."

It isn't just Fiesta goers who endure the heat. Performers like Elyse Adame weather the temps wearing full traditional outfits.

"For the girls, we wear an under skirt, we wear the skirt, the shirt, we wear a lot of jewelry and the hair pieces and it's just really hard to dance in it, but we kind of just fight through it,” Adame said.

Adame added that they have plenty of water near the stage and on standby, as well as ice packets in the dressing room.

The extreme heat continues throughout the weekend, so if you’re headed to Fiesta, make sure you stay hydrated and find places to stay cool.