The VIP's came out on Black Friday

VIP’S, or Volunteers in Police Service, were out patrolling busy parking lots on Black Friday.

They were there to help shoppers with the unexpected, such as car troubles.

Volunteers were also available to assist the police department during a busy time.

"This allows us to help the public. We do vacation checks when they go away. We do parades, runs and like today we do parking lot patrols during a high shopping season,” said volunteer, Steve Imming.

They also made sure no suspicious activity took place in the parking lot of some crowded stores.

"We're basically looking for people that look out of place that are standing next to cars that are not obviously going to get in or get out that are considered a suspicious person. Or looking for glass on the ground near cars that would indicate a break-in,” Imming said.

The volunteers also offered some tips to shoppers to keep in mind to avoid becoming a victim.

"Lock it. Remove it. Or lose it. We run into, unfortunately, a couple of incidences where a purses have been stolen. Items have been stolen that were left inside the backseat or the front seat. Put in the trunk,” said volunteer, William Stewart.

Immings and Stuart said they were there for the best interest of shoppers and their children.

"We want to make sure everybody has a happy holidays with their gifts, and not without."

Many of the VIP’s are volunteers only.

If they encounter suspicious activity, they will immediately call an on duty officer who will typically arrive within 2 minutes.