Tennessee pitcher stops game to pray, with one strike left

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tennessee pitcher Matty Moss was one strike away from sending Tennessee to the super regionals on Saturday, when she called for time, stopping the game, momentarily.

The crowd, which was in a frenzy at the time, became nearly silent.

She held hands with her catcher for a matter of seconds, before smiling and returning to action.

After the game, we asked Tennessee Co-Head Ooach Karen Weekly about it.

"It was a prayer. That's what Matty does. When Matty needs to calm down, she calls the catcher out. She says grab my hand. I don't know who does the praying. I don't know if it's out loud or silent because I've never been a part of it; but it's a prayer," explained Weekly.

Coach Weekly said she was fully aware of what Moss was doing, when she called for time.

"I love it. If that's what gets Matty calmed down, she can pray every pitch ... Yeah, amen!" said Weekly.

Moss ended the game two pitches later, with a strikeout.

Tennessee won the game 2-0 over North Carolina, advancing to super regionals.

You can see the video below or here.