TRM celebrates new class of CaRE graduates

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Topeka Rescue Mission celebrated it's new graduating class of the CaRE program Friday afternoon.

The program teaches soft skills and work skills needed to help people get jobs - and find housing.

It's a big moment - many graduates say the program was a turning point in their life.

"I've learned to be a lot more confident than I was. And I know can do anything. If I want to do it, I'm gonna do it and nothing's gonna stop me," said Laurie Leatherwood, a CaRE graduate.

Several of the five graduates are already employed - others have interviews already lined up.

"This is a really important. Because it allows them not only a chance to get a job but to be able to get sustained employment. And to be able to ultimately get a place of their own," said Robert Sanders, TRM's employment specialist.