TPD responds to viral Facebook video

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Audio between Topeka Police officers, and 911 dispatchers reveals what brought officers to an apartment Wednesday, where they forced their way inside.

TPD says they were told a woman was being held by a man with an AK-47 assault rifle.

The person who lived there, David Reynolds, posted a video online of his confrontation with officers that followed:

DISPATCHER: “Southwest Harrison Street for a signal 26 (Unknown trouble). Caller advises code 5 (Hispanic Male) with a black bandana around his face on the second floor in apartment B, as in boy. They are advising there is a 10-97 (Domestic Disturbance) possibly going on and the subject is possibly signal 1 (armed) with an AK (AK-47).”

You can hear dispatchers telling officers a 911 caller reported a violent confrontation happening in an apartment, where a man was armed with an assault rifle.

OFFICER: “Signal 1 (armed) with what again?”
DISPATCHER: “They believe he has an AK (AK-47).”
OFFICER: “Okay.”

The call brought officers in tactical gear to David Reynolds apartment, where they ultimately broke through his door. Reynolds posted the video to Facebook, telling officers their only description of the suspect was a Hispanic man, not enough to justify their actions. TPD contends a 911 caller gave them much more.

DISPATCHER: “Harrison, there is an active signal 29 (disturbance). The male in Apartment B 11 is screaming at the female. Threatening to signal 23 (assault) her.”

Dispatchers determined that the person who called was not the woman thought to be in danger but actually the woman’s sister.

DISPATCHER: “The caller hung up with call take. She advised her sister got back to the apartment. She said she was safe. That she has help.”

Topeka Police Chief Bill Cochran said when officers went to the door to speak to the woman, Reynolds answered in his underwear and black latex gloves.

“He slammed the door. We still don’t know her status. We don’t know where she at. We don’t know if she’s ok. We don’t know if she’s inside injured. So they made the determination that point to enter the apartment,” Cochran said.

Officers handcuffed Reynolds, and searched the home. When they did not find her, he was released.

“Somebody called them, said they had seen a Hispanic male with an AK-47. They came to my door. Busted my door down and put me in hand cuffs with no warrant," yelled Reynolds in the Facebook video.

"Law enforcement went in without a warrant, but it's one of those cases where it's extenuating circumstances and we're checking the welfare and the safety somebody that's involved in a potential violent situation," Cochran explained.

Chief Cochran said officers tried to talk to Reynolds as to why they forced entry, but says Reynolds ordered officers to leave the apartment.

Officers are working with apartment management to repair the broken door.

Cochran told 13 NEWS officers did discover a replica rifle in Reynolds’ home.

He also confirmed the woman involved in the incident said there was a confrontation, but it was not physical.