TPD hopes bright orange envelopes keep officers, public safe

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TOPEKA (WIBW)-- Topeka Police hope a bright orange envelope will help keep officers safe during a traffic stop and defuse anxiety.

Chief Bill Cochran paid a visit to WIBW-TV's Eye on Northeast Kansas Show to unveil the department's new 'Stay Calm Envelope' for your car.

The envelope is designed to be placed in a vehicle's glove box, with all the vehicle identification inside that a person might need during a traffic stop, like proof of insurance and registration. (You can purchase one here

Chief Cochran says, in the climate of police shootings and distrust of police, he hopes this envelope will make a high risk situation a bit safer. He says officers worry because they cannot see what a person might grab while rummaging through a glove box.

"Having something like this is very identifiable not only the citizens, but also for the police officer." Cochran said. "It keeps the police officer safe, and when the officer is safe then the community is safer. It's just one of those things of building that bridge and that gap between the citizens of Topeka and the Topeka Police Department. Just another one of those efforts."

Cochran credits reserve officer Craig Johnson for coming up with the idea.