TLC Pet Nursing Hotel is open for business

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 6:54 PM CDT
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After weeks of COVID-19 related delays, Topeka's Pet Nursing Hotel is finally open for business.

Area pet families now have a place for pets that need special care.

"It's important to have somewhere for these pets to come, so they can get loved on, so they can get cared for," owner of TLC Pet Nursing Hotel, Leslie Flueranges emphasized. "The same way we can take care of our senior citizens, we need to take care of our senior citizen pets."

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel planned to start welcoming customers a month ago, but they were able to open it's doors on Monday for the first time.

"We decided to open today because, we wanted to get things going, we got some calls this morning of folks who were actually looking for some longer term care options, and we wanted to make sure that were here to take their pets while they got a chance to get away," Flueranges said.

Flueranges says pet families may ask for individual tours this week.

"As long as we only have one person in at a time with their pet, they might want to see what the facility is like, I think that's safe," she said.

People dropping off pets for a stay also must follow restrictions.

"We're asking folks to drive up with their pet in the car, one of the vet techs will come out and get the pet out of the car and bring inside and will speak to mom and dad over the phone," Flueranges said.

All staff members are required to wear masks, and there's a strict cleaning regimen.

"As they're going out, I will be in there cleaning so when they come back in their suit is always clean," Suit Assistant of TLC Pet Nursing Hotel, Ciji Locust explained. "If people go and use the bathroom, we immediately go after that person, it's an on routine thing, so every time someone goes in a specific space, I keep everything clean by formerly using the appropriate chemicals."

TLC Pet Nursing Hotel says keeping the hotel clean is the number one priority.

"We want to make sure that every surface is disinfected and clean for every pet that stays with us so that they stay healthy and we stay healthy as well," Flueranges said.

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel are now accepting pet reservations