Suspect in killing of 5-year-old faces another murder charge

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — A man who is already charged with first-degree murder charge in the July 2015 killing of a 5-year-old girl now faces another murder count for in another shooting that same month.

Late last month, the Shawnee Co. District Attorney's Office told a District Court prosecutors planned to amend its complaint against Jesse Hughes, Jr., adding a first-degree-murder charge against him.

Hughes is now accused of killing Antwon J. Love on July 18, 2015, in a late night drive-by shooting in the 3300 block of SE Humboldt Street. He was allegedly driving the red Chevrolet Cobalt that was seen - and captured on surveillance video - fleeing the scene.

New details in Lily Coats-Nichols' shooting

In its revised complaint against Hughes, the District Attorney's Office described the summer of 2015 as a "particularly brutal amongst members of the Four Corner Hustlers." Prosecutors contend Hughes, along with Andre Wallace and Royelle Miller, were engaged in an intra-gang rivalry over "gang activities and money."

Last December, Hughes was arrested and charged with the July 6, 2015, slaying of Lily Coats-Nichols in a separate drive-by shooting that prosecutors say was the result of "an apparent case of mistaken identity." On that day, Hughes, who was allegedly seen riding in a Chevrolet Cobalt, when he spotted another vehicle and asked his mother - who was also in the car - if that was "old boy." Prosecutors say Hughes then started shooting. He reportedly fired 19 times from a 9mm handgun with "a unique handle and unusually high capacity magazine."

One of those bullets struck Coats-Nichols and the young girl died as a result of the injury. Prosecutors say Coats-Nichols and her family were strangers to Hughes.

A shooting the day before Love's death

On July 17, 2015, the day before Love was shot and killed, one person was injured when shots were fired at the Humboldt Street home.

The District Attorney's Office says Hughes was in the house with his mother, Andre Wallace, Royelle Miller, and others. Wanda Wallace, who lives there, reportedly told investigators she saw Ralfael Carr driving through the neighborhood. Carr had been seen behind the wheel of a dark-colored Dodge Durango, which Love was also riding in.

Shots were fired at the home from the Durango, prosecutors say. The shooting wounded Royelle Miller and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated. Investigators interviewed both Wanda Wallace and Hughes at the scene, but noted they had not provided much information about the shooting. She did tell authorities she knew there was bad blood between Love and "the boys," which prosecutors said referred to Hughes, Wallace, and Miller.

Love killed in a drive-by

Late in the morning the next day, Love showed up at the Humboldt home with Michael Love and J.D. Luarks, prosecutors said. He was reportedly there for a meeting. After he arrived, a red Chevrolet Cobalt driven by Hughes pulled up to the scene.

Wallace was allegedly in the car with him. Prosecutors noted Wallace, who reportedly goes by the street name "Limp," is disabled and cannot walk.

The Cobalt backed into the driveway of the house and at least 14 rounds were fired, prosecutors said. Love was killed in the shooting. The Cobalt then reportedly raced away from the scene.

Hughes mother, Rosemary Ross, told investigators she believed she had set up Love to be killed and she believed her son shot him, the District Attorney's Office says.

A match

The District Attorney's Office says a KBI forensic scientist compared the shell casings from both killings and determined they came from the same weapon.

Investigators ended up finding another shell casing matching the ones from the shooting inside the vehicle Hughes, Wallace, and another man, Dante Peppers, switched to after ditching the Cobalt.

The trio had moved to the other car after a shooting that happened on the same day as Love was killed and prosecutors believed was apparently a retaliatory shooting. A witness saw them get into the Colbalt, leaving behind Wallace's wheelchair. Another witness told police she saw Hughes and Wallace in the car later and "[w]hen asked if he was aware what happened to Love, (Hughes) smirked and said he knew about it."

Antwon Jerane Love