Survey shows Americans trust local news for their COVID-19 updates

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CHICAGO, Ill. (WIBW) -- A recent study shows American’s prefer local news as their first choice for information during the coronavirus pandemic.

A survey conducted by Digital Third Coast showed that relationships between American’s and news has changed in the wake of COVID-19.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that 66% are keeping up with the news more than ever before. However, 45% of respondents said that the media overreacted to the pandemic. Most popular news sources for Americans include: Local TV news (32%0, CNN (28%) and BBC (21%).

About 66% of Americans say the news causes them anxiety while 67% say they are burnt out on it. Only 54% of people say they are going to cut back on news consumption in order to cope with the health emergency.

While in quarantine 40% of people said their social media use increased while 69% think it spreads more misinformation than it does accurate information.

The full report can be found on the Digital Third Coast website.