Sunset Zoo shows off its newest faces

Asian small-clawed otters Abigail (left) and Bagus (right). Photo by Zoo Keeper Amelia Jerome
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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) — Like proud parents, the Sunset Zoo is showing off some of its newest bundles of joy and inviting everyone to come see all of the adorableness.

On Tuesday, the Manhattan zoo shared baby pics of some its animals: Xing Xing, the red panda cub; and Tucker, the white-handed gibbon. There's even a Bennett's wallaby joey, but the marsupial is still "wiggling around" in mama's pouch. And, in case that wasn't enough "Awww," they threw in a shot of Abigail and Bagus, their new Asian small-clawed otters.

The zoo added it's hosting a Happy Zoo Year animal enrichment event on Saturday, January 27, from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. You can find more information about it >here.

MEET THE NEW ZOO BABIES (bios from Sunset Zoo)

Abigail and Bogus
The female Asian small-clawed otter, Abigail, came to Sunset Zoo this winter from Greensboro Science Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. After quarantine and introduction period, 4-year-old Abigail is now in the Asian small-clawed otter exhibit full time, with male Asian small-clawed otter, Bagus. There are no plans to pair the duo at this time.

Xing Xing
In June of last year, a red panda cub was born and Sunset Zoo is happy to report that the cub is doing very well. The young male cub has been named Xing Xing by our keeper staff. Xing Xing means star in Mandarain Chinese, and is an ode to the red pandas’ region of origin. Xing Xing is at the red panda exhibit of the lower Asian Trail. The cub is naturally curious and adventurous, spending a lot of time in the outdoor area with his mom (Sami) and dad (Gary).

The baby white-handed gibbon born in May of 2017 is also thriving. Zoo Sprouts, Sunset Zoo’s nature-based early childcare program, had the privilege of naming the baby white-handed gibbon and decided to name him Tucker. Tucker is currently exploring his habitat, venturing away from mom (Leslie) more and more, and practicing his climbing.

A Bennett's Wallaby joey
Sunset Zoo is also pleased to announce the arrival of a new Bennett’s wallaby joey! The joey is currently maturing in mother Mirrhi’s pouch. Sunset Zoo staff expect the joey to start emerging from the pouch around seven months of age and then completely vacate the pouch around nine months. The joey currently can be seen moving and wiggling around inside of Mirrhi’s pouch in the Australian Walkabout area of the Zoo.

Asian small-clawed otters Abigail (left) and Bagus (right). Photo by Zoo Keeper Amelia Jerome
Xing Xing, the red panda cub, exploring his habitat. Photo by Zoo Keeper Aemlia Jerome
Tucker, the baby white-handed gibbon, sitting with his mom Leslie. Photo by Zoo Keeper Amelia Jerome