Study: Last year's same-sex marriage decision boosted the economy

Published: Jun. 22, 2016 at 9:40 PM CDT
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Turns out same-sex marriage has meant big business.


indicates that all of those weddings since last June - when a Supreme Court decision allowed same-sex couples to get married nationwide - have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy.

The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law estimated the unions have generated about $1.58 billion in spending. They figure $1.35 billion of that was spent on the weddings themselves, while out-of-state guests added another $228 million.

“This study shows that businesses and governments have benefited from marriage equality,” said Christy Mallory, study co-author and Senior Counsel at the Williams Institute.

According to the study, that amount of spending could support nearly 19,000 jobs.

State and local governments are getting a slice of the pie, as well. The Williams Institute estimates they've raked in just over $100 million.

The Institute based its projections on an analysis by its former director, Gary Gates, which estimated 123,000 couples have gotten hitched since the verdict was handed down in June 2015.