Students get noodley all in the name of fitness

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- It can be tiring for some students to sit in a classroom all day, but that’s all changing.

Teachers are partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas to bring the ‘Go Noodle’ program into classrooms. ‘Go Noodle’ uses interactive videos to give students three to five minutes of short exercises that they can perform at their desks.

“Whenever we have a transition and I see the kids being restless or a little fidgety, I know it’s time to get up,” said Elena Velez, third grade teacher at Meadows Elementary.

The videos include dancing, fitness routines, physical challenges and even virtual field trips.

“’Go Noodle’ is fun because it gets you up and moving and you can do all these fun videos and there’s always new ones every year,” said third grader Kinsley Fitzgerald.

The Centers for Disease Control says only a quarter of kid’s today meet the recommended 60 minutes of exercise each day, but teachers like Velez are hoping to get kids to reach that goal each day.

“It is super easy,” she says. “The kids just love getting up and they kind of start to memorize the games and the actions that go along with it and even the shy ones will get up and do it.”

‘Go Noddle’ isn’t just confined to the classroom, parents can also sign up for the program to use at home. You can learn about it at