OYS: Sticky mailbox scams are popping up around Topeka

Published: May. 2, 2017 at 6:35 PM CDT
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Debby Peterson's parents found themselves in a sticky situation when they tried to mail a letter near 29th and California.

"There's a sticky board in the mail slot so the next person could come along and take her bills out. My mom is afraid to put anything in a mailbox now," said Peterson.

Debby says that was a few months ago.

The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office sent out a warning about these sticky traps in March -- indicating that three mailboxes had been tampered with. Two of those mailboxes are in the 29th and Urish area and another near 15th and Woodhull.

Two months later and the problem continues.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous says her colleagues reported a trap at a 17th and Fairlawn mailbox to the United States Postal Service several weeks ago -- but no action was taken.

"I mailed my taxes from there! I tried to push it further past. Hopefully it didn't get stuck on anything," she said.

A postal worked attached an out of service sign and taped the opening shut after WIBW photojournalist Rick Felsburg noticed it had been tampered with Monday.

The following day another postal worker came back and removed the tape -- but the inside of the mailbox was still sticky.

13 NEWS reached out to USPS, but they have not returned our messages.

Anyone who finds a tampered mailbox should report it to the police and the United States Postal Service.