Stay at Home but you can still go outside

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Many are wondering if the statewide stay at home order means they have to stay inside, the answer to that is no, you don’t have to stay inside, but you do need to avoid large public gatherings.

While you should stay home, you are encouraged to take time to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, as they will help eliminate that feeling of being stuck inside, and improve your mood.

Along with getting outdoors, regular exercise will help keep both your body and mind healthy during this Stay at home period.

While you can’t use the playground equipment at the parks there are still plenty of options of ways to get out and be active.

“You can walk, you can run…kayaking, we’ve got the river right back here behind us, you know, get outside, be active, be healthy, just maintain that social distancing of six feet at all times.” Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department, Aquatics Director, Sydni Baker says.

For more information about where park spaces are located in Manhattan, visit the City of Manhattan parks list or visit the City of Manhattan parks map.