State officials confident a possible second Stay-At-Home Order can be handled better

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 7:18 PM CDT
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State officials said Wednesday it is too soon to determine if lifting the Stay-At-Home order in Kansas was the right decision.

At the first news conference since the order was lifted, KDHE Secretary Dr. Lee Norman said it would not be good science to say if stricter restrictions previously in place will need to be reimplemented. He said it comes down to the speed of reporting from counties.

"It makes sense for two reasons, one is that's the incubation period for the virus and you like to see it in two week increments if you're making headway," Secretary Norman said. "Secondly, we're always trying to catch up in terms of reporting and data entry. Boring as that may sound, it's a real phenomenom."

Governor Laura Kelly addressed concerns about the potential for a second wave of COVID-19 cases reappearing later in the year.

Kelly said with the speed that institutions were able to adapt to the original Stay-At-Home Order, she is confident with recent testing data and protective items that are now available, officials can be better prepared and do a better job if a second Stay-At-Home order needs to be set.

"I think the fact that our schools within a matter of three or four days were able to put together a pretty comprehensive continuous learning program outside of our school buildings will in November if we have to say we have to leave the buildings for awhile," she said.

"We'll anticipate, we'll know we'll have stockpile of the personal protective equipment the testing all the kinds of things we can anticipate now needing which we couldn't anticipate in December."

In response to concerns of businesses only allowing people with a facemask inside, Kelly said she supports the business owners to know the best safety measures for their employees and customers.

"I think that if that business owner thinks that if it's the safest thing to do for his employees and his customers, I'm not going to step in and tell him 'no'".