State agencies work to make schools safer

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- As a new school year begins, the Safe and Secure Schools Unit and KBI presented a way they are working to keep students safe.

“Don’t say never. We don’t want it to happen, but if we can stay ahead of it. There’s a staying ‘stay in the left of the boom.’ Left of the boom means you want to prevent something before the boom,” KBI Special Agent Kelly Ralston said.

They created the Suspicious Activity Reporting Application. It will remind student that if they see something, hear something, they should say something.

“We are one of the…I’d say one of the first, maybe handful, of states that has pushed this out to this level um to the local level to the school districts to use as a tool to um start curbing violence within out schools,” Director of the Safe and Secure Schools Unit.

The reporting site can be found here.

The same information can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the bottom of a flyer that will soon be in all schools.

“All they have to do is text and send and it’s done. They don’t have to talk to anybody,”McMhan added.

Those filed reports are then sent to the proper agencies.

“We share that information with our local law enforcement partners, the school districts locally, and with our team at the safe school,” Ralston explained.

Many call it one way to start ahead of any potential threats.