State Board of Education takes steps into keeping teachers in Kansas classrooms

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)--- The State Board of Education asked Department of Education staff to review 61 short-term and long-term recommendations that was submitted by the Blue Ribbon Task Force last month.

The force's main goal is to fix the state's teacher shortage, An issue which primarily affect southwest school districts.

"We are kind of the curve in helping my district not that I want less qualified teachers in the classroom but we really need some serious help," said District 5 Board Representative, Sally Cauble.

DOE staff and the Board voted not to agree with all 61 action items, but pushed forward to make some adjustments.

"There's much work to do we don't have the internal capacity to initiate the multiple recommendations they all came from different vantage points," said Board Chairman, Jim McNiece.

The changes include increasing teacher's pay, reinstating due process, and implementing a state-wide campaign to recruit high quality educators to fill those vacancies.

"This is not about just putting a body in front of a group of kids so we can say someone is just qualified when they really are not," said McNiece.

Staffers also agreed to a install a Teacher Vacancy and Supply Committee, calling it a step forward for the future of Kansas schools.

"It's a step forward because we bring an emphasis on how important the teaching profession is and what a wonderful profession it is," said KSDE Teacher Licensure & Accreditation Director, Dr. Scott Myers. "We should be able to celebrate that idea and it gets us talking about the positives that are taking place."

The Board also moved to look into addressing teaching license issues, they will revisit this issue during their next meeting.