Midland Care encourages staff to pay it forward with a little act of kindness

Published: Mar. 8, 2016 at 9:16 PM CST
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A local organization that's been helping families with their health care challenges for over three decades wants to pay it forward.

Midland Care kicked-off its Kindness Challenge campaign Tuesday with a $5.00 gift to all of its 280 employees. The employees were instructed to use the money for random acts of kindness out in the community.

"These are all great ways for the community to reinforce this act of kindness philosophy and get kindness spread throughout northeast Kansas," Midland Care's Communications Director Laura Burton said.

Midland Care will be passing out gifts, movie tickets, and resources to Capital City residents for the next two weeks.

Its their way of thanking the community that has supported them for 38 years.

"One thing that's great about random acts of kindness is that some of them don't cost money and a lot of them are free. Some of our random acts of kindness suggestions are things like, say hello and smile to five strangers today or pickup trash in the neighborhood," Burton said.

The Midland Cares Challenge runs from March 8th through March 28th.