So-called 'Bubble Bandit' leaves Emporia fountains foamy

The Humanitarian Center fountain is fully foamed. Photo by Janet Way.
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EMPORIA (WIBW)- A few fountains in the Flint Hills city of Emporia were found to be foamy messes recently (alliteration intended).

KVOE Radio reports several fountains across the city, from municipal ones to a small private fountain, were seen sudsing in spectacular fashion in recent days.

The fountains weren't damaged, and the suds were mostly harmless -- caused by a powder detergent of some sort.

Developer Steve Haught told KVOE there has been some soap residue which needs to be cleaned from one fountain at the Humanitarian Center, and in some cases there are some non-serviceable parts that need to be replaced.

Developer Cory Haag installed the fountain at the former Bank of America building at Sixth and Merchant. He says there is no damage to the fountain equipment, although some cleanup was needed to the exterior.

Emporia Police say nobody's filed any kind of report about the matter, criminal or otherwise. At this time, there's no word on whether the cases are connected or how many suspects are involved.

Authorities encourage anyone with information on the foamy fountains to, well, come clean.