Sheriff: All 42 starving horses seized last year have been placed

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HOLTON, Kan. (WIBW) -- Every one of the 42 horses found starving and seized from a Jackson Co. farm last year has a new home now.

On Monday, Jackson Co. Sheriff Tim Morse made the announcement, offering his thanks to everyone in the community who helped investigate and take care of the horses until they could find a permanent place to stay.

The Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office started seizing the horses in July 2018 when a dozen of them were removed from a ranch northeast of 134th and T Road, following numerous complaints from concerned citizens.

Some of them were not only so hungry they were reduced to skin and bones, but they were found to have little or no access to water in triple-digit heat.

Working with the Kansas Horse Education, Advocacy and Resource Team (K-HEART), Morse announced last month the horses were ready to be adopted and they were taking applications. He added that people from across the state applied.

"Knowing that these animals will be well cared for into their future was the goal of this placement activity and Sheriff Morse is confident that the goal was met," the Sheriff's Office said.

Morse thanked K-HEART and its member equine rescues Rainbow Meadows, Shooting Star, and Hope in the Valley, as well as their volunteers, and the Holton Livestock Exchange, Inc., for their help finding these animals a good home.

He also pointed out that the three rescues all rely on donations in order to survive and they ended up paying some of the medical expenses and other costs for caring for these horses. In fact, he noted, the Sheriff's Office didn't pay them a penny.

He asked anyone who would like to donate to help the rescues to go to their respective websites (linked below) and "show them your appreciation for their amazing efforts."

You can put "Jackson County 42" in the memo line on a check or in the notes section of a PayPal donation to reference this effort.