Shawnee County voting canvass breaks tie in local election

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Final results of last week's local elections show every vote counts.

Shawnee Co. Commissioners completed the canvass Thursday. The canvass ended up breaking the tie in one Shawnee Heights High School Board race, with provisional ballots added. Rosa Cavazos defeated Thomas Browne, Jr., by just three votes.

Overall turnout was just under 20%, but Election Commissioner Andrew Howell said interest depended on where you were.

"We had places that were as low as 3% turnout and then we had other parts of the city, county, where we had almost 50% and everywhere in between," Howell said, explaining those wide discrepancies are what make it hard to predict over all turnout for the entire county"

Howell said it was later than usual due to the Veterans Day Holiday, and with the ballots for improvement and drainage districts following different procedures.