Shawnee County Sheriff's Office holds training for dispatchers

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) --- 9-1-1 dispatchers are often the first line of response in emergency calls.

That is why the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office held a training for dispatchers. They learned the best ways to respond to calls on domestic violence and human trafficking cases.

“It’s important for us to manage that appropriately to know exactly what we’re dealing with when we have somebody in that situation calling. The things that they’ve been through, the things that they’re managing day to day and now something bad has happened that they’ve had to call 911 for help,” Kristin Gill with the Sedgwick County Division of Emergency Communications said.

Participants also learned how important it is to get the right information from these calls for first responders heading to the scene.

“So they can focus on victim safety, so they can gather much information as possible from that call that’s going to help first responders to help keep that victims safe until first responders can get there,” Gill said.

Gill, the training instructor, said it’s important for dispatchers to connect with callers who may be in desperate need of help.

“It really helps us to build empathy. It helps for us to listen objectively. It helps us to better gather information and know what information is important and how best to keep victims safe,” she said.

Similar trainings will continue to be held at dispatch centers across the state.