Shawnee Co. Sheriff's Office unveils tactical vehicle

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TOPEKA (WIBW)--- The Shawnee County Sheriff's Office unveiled a tactical vehicle, they're calling a "Game Changer."

As part of National Law Enforcement Memorial Day, the sheriff's office allowed media partners a first look at their Lenco Bearcat Rescue Vehicle.

Bearcat is an acronym for "Ballistic, Engineered, Armor, Response, Counter Assault" vehicle.

Sheriff Brian Hill says it will help keep his deputies and the public safe.

The Bearcat seats up to a dozen officers and has a 14 foot hydraulic ram that can be attached to the front of the vehicle, which allows deputies the ability to breach structures that are barricaded.

In the past, departments would use vehicles with ballistic blankets draped across them.

"You're able to deploy your team in a much safer fashion, you're able to get extraction personnel up to locations when needed in a much safer fashion and again you basically driving your barricade where need it to be," Hill said.

Sheriff Hill says he will be cross training with Topeka Police Schools officers.