Senate President names committee to return federal tax cut dollars

Sen. Susan Wagle (R-Wichita) (Source:

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Senate President Susan Wagle named herself to chair a special committee she says is aimed at giving money from federal tax cuts back to Kansans.

Wagle announced Wednesday her Select Committee on Federal Tax Code Implementation. In addition to herself as chair, its members are the rest of the senate's regular tax committee - except for chairperson Caryn Tyson.

The 2017 federal tax overhaul would have some Kansans paying more state taxes. Gov. Laura Kelly has cautioned against making changes this year, opting to see how much money it could mean. However, Wagle and other Republicans say it should go to taxpayers.

"The unexpected windfall directly linked to the federal tax cuts belongs to taxpayers, not government," Wagle said. "The sole purpose of this committee is to enact the necessary legislation that will provide relief to Kansas families and businesses, allowing them to fully benefit from the Trump tax cuts. We want to enhance economic opportunity and increase our state’s competitiveness, not force an unintended tax increase onto hardworking Kansans."

Senate Select Committee on Federal Tax Code Implementation
Susan Wagle, Chair
Dan Kerschen, Vice Chair
Tom Holland, Ranking Member
Julia Lynn
Jeff Longbine
Mike Petersen
Larry Alley
Dan Goddard.
Vic Miller