Senate Bill 250 major topic at Kansas Black Legislative Day

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A Senate bill that seeks to include hair texture and hairstyles associated with race in the Kansas Act Against Discrimination was a hot topic at Thursday's Black Legislative Day.

The Kansas Black Leadership Council holds the event each year at the Capitol.

It gives people the opportunity to learn more about legislative issues and the impacts they can have on African Americans across the state.

Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau introduced Senate Bill 250 that would include hair traits historically associate with race, to the Discrimination Act.

She said since the Senate Committee Hearing, no action has been taken on the issue.

"We are here to advocate for issues that are important to all Kansans. I've served in this building for a long time and I think this issue is just as important as the education bill and the medicaid expansion bill. This bill here is about us being our natural selves," Faust-Goudeau said.

Criminal justice reform was also a major topic at Kansas' Black Legislative Day.