Sen. Kassebaum returns to childhood home for history tour

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Shawnee County Historical Society held a fundraiser today giving history buffs the opportunity to visit a few of Topeka’s oldest buildings.

One of those was the Landon Mansion. The former home of former Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker.

While we had her, we asked her about the climate of Washington D.C. now.

"We can’t seem to bridge a gap where we can have thoughtful debate,” Kassebaum said. “You either become this or you're that and the chance to have that debate and respect people who differ from you is gone.”

She also said she agreed with Senator Jerry Moran in his vote against President Trump's use of the national emergency.

"Jerry Moran stood up the other day on the efforts of President Trump to try and get the moneys for the immigration policy, if you call it that,” Kassebaum said. “I wouldn’t call it that, but it was the right vote for Senator Moran to say it’s the congress' responsibility."

Kassebaum also commented on the amount of women elected to congress.

"When I went, I was the only woman in the U.S. Senate for a brief period of time,” Kassebaum said. “Now, I think there are 24 and that clock won’t turn back, but the important thing is not just women there or what number of men there, its they're saying and doing."

After the press conference, Kassebaum shared stories of her childhood inside the home with those who came for the tour.