See if the state is holding onto any of your unclaimed property

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- With the holiday season comes an effort from Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner to help unite Kansans with unclaimed cash that is rightfully theirs.

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LaTurner says the state currently is the custodian of more than $350 million of unclaimed property. This unclaimed money comes in many forms including old payroll checks, old utility deposits or unclaimed life-insurance policies.

"It's cash that just never made it to you in the first place," LaTurner says.

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LaTurner says the average claim is more than $220 and the treasurer's office has made stops in all 105 counties, working to unite as many people as possible with money many don't even realize belongs to them.

"It's not our money. It's not the government's money," LaTurner says. "So it's our job to help return it to folks."