Wichita police found missing 2-year-old girl safe

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A missing toddler has been located and is safe, the Wichita Police Dept. said Monday evening.

On Sunday, police said they were searching for two-year-old Anyla James. Investigators believed she may have been with her biological father, Alton James, Jr., and could be in danger.

Late Monday afternoon, WPD released the following update regarding her whereabouts:

“The Wichita Police Department (WPD) continues to investigate the case involving 2-year-old Anyla James. Through the investigation today we have found conflicting information and new information that has surfaced about her well-being. We are still asking for the community’s help in locating her so that we may check her welfare.

We have learned that Anyla is with her father, and has been in his custody for several weeks. We do not believe Anyla is in any danger based on the new information we have received.

The WPD takes the safety and well-being of children serious. We will continue to speak with all of the involved parties to get a complete story as to what occurred.”

After Anyla was located, Wichita Police thanked the community for their help locating her.

"WPD continues to investigate this case and will provide updates accordingly," they added.