Seaman High students are assuring African-American soldiers life is preserved in history

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TOPEKA (WIBW)--- Two Seaman High School students brought the legacy of an unknown soldier back to life.

Taegan Loy and Trent Powell presented their documentary on Captain William D. Mathews to the Shawnee County Historical Society.

It started as a class research project, then the juniors decided to delve deeper into Capt. Matthews' life.

Matthews was an African-American Abolitionist from Leavenworth, and the country's first black officer.

Loy and Powell put in long hours of research both online and in person for this project.

"It's what I consider probably the most important piece of our class, it's actually students doing history rather than just listening and reading out of say a text book," Seaman High History Teacher Nathan McAlister said. "In essence they are student historians and it's nice to see them get their hands dirty so to speak."

The duo will take their research to a state history competition April 27.