Seaman High School hosts robotics tournament

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- High school robotics teams from all over Kansas are competing in Topeka on Saturday. The tournament features a new robotics challenge called Tower Takeover.

Each year the challenge is different, and robotics teachers and students said preparing for a tournament like that takes months.

Donald Koon, robotics teacher at Seaman High School said, "They'll design robots, they'll brainstorm, work together as teams, document like real engineers would do, re-design, and re-test."

"We kind of just see what could work and then we narrow it down to like three designs and then we choose from those and see how it does," said Trent Powell, Senior at Seaman High School.

"We talk a lot about design, about the strategy of the game," said Evelyn Eubank, robotics teacher at TCALC, "They build and then they test and then they fix it, then they test again."

The purpose of the game is to stack cubes in a designated goal zone. Each cube is worth one point and those placed in towers serve as a multiplier for cubes of the same color.

"They're learning design processes, how to problem solve, how to trouble shoot and they're also learning to work in a team and manage their time," said Eubank, "All sorts of soft skills besides the engineering skills."

Koon said, "A lot of these kids they come in, they're shy, they don't want to talk to their classmates, let alone come to a tournament with 32 other teams and talk to all the other teams. It's just amazing to see these kids come out of their shells and learn to communicate."

Qualifying teams will go to State on March 7th.

The next robotics tournament in Topeka will be February 8th at TCALC.