Seaman High School Freshmen get a taste of potential job paths

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Freshmen from Seaman High School got a taste of potential job paths available to them at their career fair on Friday.

Students were allowed to choose their top three interests from choices like being in emergency and medical services, marketing, and law to name a few.

WIBW-TV was also there to help steer kids towards a bright career in television news or mass communication.

Students rotated through 20 minute class sessions each, and were encouraged to ask questions about getting started in their perspective careers.

Freshman Ali Reed said it was a fun experience for her, because she wants go into broadcasting, and thought it was useful learning about the differences from night side to day side in news.

Fellow student Ty Richardson echoed a similar sentiment.

"I've always liked, and watched the news as a kid, and I kind of want to do weather. You just have to stay motivated and you can never quit,” he said.

Seaman High School also has an active internship program for seniors to help place them in their chosen career path.

For more information on those internships, you can contact Gita Noble at