Seaman High art students honor custodian with portrait

Published: Sep. 13, 2019 at 4:09 PM CDT
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Art students at Seaman High School unveiled their 'Unsung Hero' project Friday.

Every year, the art students at Seaman High School select an unsung hero and create a work of art honoring them.

This year's Unsung Hero, Kendall Epperson, has been a custodian at the school for years. He is also a veteran and a Class of '81 Seaman graduate. The students describe Epperson as a humble, kind man who takes care of everyone without seeking any attention for himself.

The students began the project by photographing Epperson. The students then split the picture into several pieces and divided it among themselves.

Each student drew the piece of the photo they had on a sheet of paper. Their individual drawings were then reassembled into one collaborative portrait of Epperson.

The students also each wrote their favorite thing about Epperson down on a piece of paper and then read it to him during the unveiling of the portrait.