Santa Rosa native asks new Topeka neighbors to help wildfire victims

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) A Santa Rosa, Cal. native now living in Topeka is asking for the help of her new community to assist those affected by the recent California wildfires.

Charlotte Brady had lived in Santa Rosa for more than 10 years, and moved to Topeka just seven weeks ago.

As of Tuesday, the fires had claimed the lives of 17 people and damaged more than 28,000 acres of land. California officials say those numbers are expected to grow.

Charities including the American Red Cross are prepared to send monetary donations to the victims of the wildfire.

Brady said the kindness of her new neighbors in Topeka can help Santa Rosa and the surrounding cities affected by the wildfires begin the path to recovery.

"They have open arms. They are very welcoming, and I know they are generous in times of need," she said.

Brady said she feels it is her duty to spread the message of helping her hometown community, and she hopes her new community will help her achieve her goal.

“This is my place of calling right now," she said. "Rather than being there, I can be here doing as much service as I can."

To donate to the American Red Cross, text REDCROSS to 90999 or visit a local Red Cross with monetary donations titled “Northern California Wildfires.”