Salute Our Heroes: Sgt. Lance Feyh reflects on 29-year career after retirement

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 9:47 PM CDT
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"There wasn't ever a time growing up where I said, I'm going to be a police officer, this is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, it just came to me at that moment."

Some people's dreams come to them early in life, Sergeant Lance Feyh's aspirations to go into law enforcement didn't come to him until early adulthood.

"Ironically when I first started college, I was following my older brother's footsteps and I went in to get a business degree and I started taking classes and just didn't like the classes I was taking. A good friend of mine, he's a local attorney now, but his dad was a police officer and he suggested that I take an intro into law enforcement class at Washburn and if I did, I can take a ride along. I took the class and I went out on the ride along, I wish I could remember the officer’s name but just being out and going on that ride along got me invigorated with, this is what I want to do."

Lance Feyh went on to serve nearly three decades with the Topeka Police Department, moving through the ranks.

"I started out in May of 1991 as a traffic control officer, back then the police department had a patrol division and a traffic division and I was assigned to the traffic division. After doing that for about three years I went and did the Dare program in local elementary schools and I did that for five years but my main goal was always to progress through the department. Then I became a detective in 1999.

When Feyh was promoted to sergeant in 2005, he took on roles including supervising school resource officers and the traffic division, and acting as department spokesperson - before rejoining the detective ranks.

“I realized at that point that I enjoyed being a detective more than a sergeant and a detective. So an opening came up in the crime scene investigation unit and that is where I retired out of."

Feyh is retiring to accomplish a new goal, spending as much time as he can with his family.

"You know it's kind of a hard time to walk away with the current situation in our country as well as prior things happening to our country and everything. I will tell you getting to be a husband and a father without worrying about you know, am I going to have go in, do I have to answer to that phone call at two in the morning, that is going to be a nice relief. Getting to be a husband and a father is something I'm really looking forward to."