Salute the Badge: Rossville K9 Officer follows drug trail to Colorado

ROSSVILLE, Kan. (WIBW) -- K9 Officer Trent Stanley of the Rossville Police Department has been involved in law enforcement since 2008, and with Rossville for over 5 years.

"It's kind of a family business. My grandfather worked for the Capital Police and my dad, he worked for the Topeka Police Department," Stanley said. "Then I just wanted to serve the community."

Officer Stanley says he wants to make a difference in the community and in a small time like Rossville, the impact can be seen when he shows up for work everyday.

This is a small town community that everybody knows everyone," Rossville Police Chief Jason Connell said. "To have the type of caliber of officer that Trent Stanley is, is remarkable."

The population of Rossville may be just over 1,100 people, but that doesn't mean large scale issues don't make their way to city, as was the case in February of 2017.

“It started with me patrolling the area, me stopping and talking to one of the local people in the community and they started saying how there's been a lot of activity at a certain residence," Stanley said. "I just went to someone and worked them as a CI, which is a confidential informant, and started buying 20 dollar bags of marijuana.”

From there, Stanley worked his way up the ladder, from informant to dealer to supplier to grower. That chase led him to a grow in Colorado.

"It was a 115 plant operation, about 200 to 300 pounds of precious metals was seized, 15 weapons were seized," Stanley said. "We got several pounds of marijuana out of the area, cocaine out of the area, weapons of the street. 31 weapons were seized in the Rossville area."

Stanley believes that getting drugs off the streets of Rossville will have an impact on other crimes.

"I just enjoy protecting the citizens and making it the safest place I can for the citizens," Stanley said. "You see more of a impact in a smaller community."