Salute the Badge: Washburn Univ. students keep Ofc. Minton on his toes

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- For Washburn University Police officer Terence Minton, there is no such thing as a typical day.

Officer Minton landed a position at the Washburn University Police Department after stints as a correctional officer and serving in the military. He works with college students, as they prepare themselves for the real world.

He says they keep him on his toes.

"What I've learned dealing with the young generation is you kinda have to keep up with their lingo," Ofc. Minton said. you gotta learn their mannerisms, it's constantly changing.

Minton says he frequently learns popular sayings you may hear in the newest pop music video.

I'll hear students say things are 'fire', and you know, that's good. You just gotta keep up with the lingo," He said.

And while Ofc. Minton is passionate about the community, the community loves him too. VFW Post 16 honored Minton as officer of the year in early February, but he says he's not to worried about the spotlight.

"I'm kinda reserved and quiet, so I just felt that my accomplishments speak for themselves," he said. I don't feel that I did all that much to win, but I did appreciate it."

He says support from his fellow community is what keeps him going.

"I have a strong sense of duty and commitment, that's why I got into law enforcement," he said. "I know it sounds cliche, but it's true."

And each day as he puts on his badge, he knows if he helps at least one person for the day, he has done his job.

"It just makes me feel good to see a smile on somebody's face that I put there," Ofc. Minton said.