Salute the Badge: Lt. Trimble John Trimble receives character award

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- From trauma to triumph, Lt. John Trimble calls himself an average Joe, but a recent award tells a different story.

"It's very humbling, since I was notified of this award I've been truly humbled," Lt. Humble said. "To me, it was just us doing our job, but the fact that it's being recognized on this level is pretty awesome and pretty humbling."

Lt. Trimble was awarded the September's Champion of Character after convincing a man to surrender.

"As the call was unfolding, the officers on scene were talking about the suspect being barricaded inside, threatening to come out, and possibly having a shoot-out with the police," Lt. Trimble said.

He says the outcome reinforced the way officers are trained to handle this type of situation.

"It was trying to tug on his good human nature, even though we're there for a horrible situation," Lt. Trimble explained. "He hung up on me several times, but I called him right back and he would answer. So, we were really able to keep an open line of communication for an hour and a half. Finally, it was his family that was able to get him out and, I promised him that his mom would get to see him."

The Safe Streets Coalition believed Lt. Trimble demonstrated compassion, patience, and endurance.

"It prepares you to where you just react and you just do, you don't really think about it, until maybe after the fact," he said.

Lt. Trimble makes it his mission to make a difference in people's lives, especially in the lives of the youth.

"Kids really have a soft spot for me. I carry stickers with me everywhere I go and to me it's about the kids," he said. "I think I see a lot of myself when I was 5 years old and having that hero, which was my dad, and I thought, maybe I can be that hero to someone else."

Until this day Lt. Trimble and his dad, who is a 34 year veteran of the TPD share a special bond.

"He's still one of my best friends in the world, but inevitably we talk about work," he said. "I try not to all of the time, but he tells me his stories, I tell him mine and that's kind one of the bonds we''ll always have, regardless of how hard we try, we're always going to want to talk about work."

Lt. Trimble's dad is the reason he's the officer he is today.

"I saw him in uniform and I thought that's my hero, and that's who I'm going to be."

Lt. Trimble has served at the Topeka Police Department for 19 years, and hopes to leave a positive legacy for his kids.