Salute the Badge: KBI's Andy Herrera investigates the most heinous crimes

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)--- Focused on every detail, Kansas Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Andy Herrera leaves a mark, examining crime scenes like this.

“We're here to serve and make the state of Kansas safer,” said Herrera.

You can trace Herrera's career path from the Lawrence Police Department to a Department of Revenue investigator, but always with an eye to the KBI.

“When I was in college, I took a course and one of the courses was taught by a KBI agent,” said Herrera. “During the time, I saw the ins and outs of the crime scene and that was kind of a motive for me to get to KBI.”

Now, Herrera works some of the KBI's toughest cases, as a member of the Child’s Victim’s Unit.

“To be able to go out there and find justice for those offenders who commit those crimes, that’s self-satisficing itself,” said Herrera.

CVU investigates an average of 56 crimes against children a year, Herrera says the work can take a toll, but the continuous support of the agency keeps him going.

“They have a great peer support program and have many resources for us to use for these types of crimes,” said Herrera.

Likewise, Herrera and the CVU help the rest of the KBI team, too. In February 2016, the agency came together to work a deadly workplace shooting in Hesston, Kansas. 38 year-old Cedric Larry Ford opened fire inside an Excel Industries building, killing three people and wounding 14 more before a local officer shot and killed him.

“That was my first active shooting,” said Herrera. “Across the state we had agents, scientists and crime scene response team respond to that active shooter incident, so overall as a team with the KBI…couldn’t be prouder as an agency coming together for that.”

A team that’s always looking for the smallest clues, ready to piece together the big picture.

“ It’s a family-friendly agency so we are very happy and close knit department.”