Salute the Badge: Boyles does his job so doctors and nurses can do theirs

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- When you think of patient care at a hospital what comes to mind are doctors and nurses. But we don't always think about the security officers who protect the ones saving lives and those fighting to get healthy.

While walking the halls of Stormont Vail, Jay Boyles asks himself, "Were they recently diagnosed with cancer? Are they here because a loved one just died? Are they here because their grandson was just born?"

As a security officer, Boyles protects the people who are, in some cases, fighting for their lives. And, to him, the staff is just as important.

"That's why we've put doors in place that are badge reader only so someone can't just walk through," Boyles said, "We've got them on camera, we monitor them."

Boyles says if he doesn't do HIS job, Doctors and nurses can't THEIRS.

"We're making sure there isn't another issue that comes in that distracts them," Boyles said.

Beyond securing the hospital, Boyles' job includes guarding people's belongings while they're in surgery.

"They'll call us, we'll bring everything back and make sure it's all good," Boyles said to a patient who's getting ready for surgery.

She responded, "Perfect, thanks!"

From locking up keepsakes to unlocking doors Boyles seems to makes every situation better.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue!" a woman said as Boyles as he unlocked the hospital Gift Shop.

"He makes my day when he walks in," Security manager Steve Taylor said.

Taylor says Boyles has the perfect personality for the job.

"Having people who are friendly, outgoing, open is very important to the healing process of these patients," Taylor said.

Boyles knows a simple smile or hello can change someone's day in a big way. To prove it -- they've got 'Small Moments' notes from patients and staff by the hundreds.

"Barb's one of the directors over at the heart center and she made us this like "congratulations security," Boyles explained.

"Congratulations" for winning 'most creative' video in a hospital-wide karaoke competition.

"It was just Martin and I Kind of being goofballs," Boyles said.

Funny in front of the camera, but behind the security tapes he's calm and focused -- qualities learned from his years as a Shawnee Co. Sheriff's Deputy.

"The years and years and years of training, law enforcement training, active shooter training, crises intervention, deescalation stuff, you know, a lot of us already come in with that background," Boyles said.

Those tough situations don't deter Jay from coming to work everyday with a smile on his face.

"Somebody told me this would be the best Job I'd ever have in my life and the truth is, it is, it really is," Boyles said.

Boyles has worked at Stormont for four years. His wife also works at Stormont in the emergency room.