Salute the Badge: Booking's Rhonda Redmon says "I've got this.."

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Rhonda Redmon started her Corrections career working the modules, charting the constant movement and status of Topeka's jail inmates. It's a job that requires strong organizational skills. For the past 17 years, she's helped rule the roost in Booking, a job that requires sheer courage.

“Oh, I book people in and out, I deal with bondsmen, attorneys, people on the outside, the public.."

Are the inmates being booked, generally cooperative with the Booking crew?

“Some are, and some aren’t.. You get a lot of people that are angry because they got arrested and like to take it out on us. But then there’s others who come in and they’re calm, and easy to work with. Some of them do not like their pictures taken, so it’s kinda hard sometimes to get a drunk person’s picture.”

Booking holds the inmates for anywhere from one to 5 hours. Mugshots are taken by Rhonda, and fingerprints are collected for the computer files.

It takes a lot to rattle Rhonda, but she's not alone.

“Oh, there’s a lot of help, the bigger guys, they come in the picture booth. I’ve been doin’ it so long, I got this.. Yeah, I have a knack for it, but sometimes it gets trying. “

“The rough days are when the police soon non-stop in arresting people and just bringing ‘em back to back, and we’re getting about 20 people in book-in, we’ve gotta get ‘em booked, and people getting out and stay on top of things.”

And how does this veteran corrections worker describe a good day?

“When the cops don’t arrest anybody (laughs) on my shift, when I don’t see any police officers at all.”

And the workers hope that for the first time in five years, they'll get a payraise.