Salute the Badge: 45 years of service with RCPD CSI

Published: May. 21, 2019 at 8:43 AM CDT
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A longtime member of the Riley County Police Department, loves his job so much, he’s made it his first and second job.

With 45 years of service under his belt, Riley County Police Department, Crime Scene Investigator, Alan Riniker, has worn many hats.

“I joined the Police Explorer program. And from the Police Explorer program, I became a Dispatcher in 1974, worked 6 years in Dispatch, and then transferred to Patrol, then became a Police Officer, and stayed in Patrol for a couple years, then I was transferred into Detectives.” Riley County Police Department, Crime Scene Investigator, Alan Riniker says.

Sparking Riniker’s interest in his career path, were two uncles and his father who all served as members in law enforcement as he was growing up.

After many years on the force, Riniker retired from the Riley County Police Department.

“I’m not the same kind of kid I was when I was 23 years old, so it was time for me to step down. And then they wanted me to come back as a Crime Scene Investigator.” Riniker says.

So 30 days after retiring as a Detective, Riniker came back to the Department as a Crime Scene Investigator.

“I like crime scenes, because they’re always a challenge, a huge challenge.” Riniker says.

Riniker credits his longtime service in the department to the support of his family.

“Fortunately I’ve had a really good family support. I’ve had a really great wife and daughter, who’ve really been supportive.” Riniker says.

Speaking of his wife, they met through their work with the department. She worked as an Accident Clerk in the Records Division when they met.

Alongside his time with RCPD, Riniker wears many other hats as part of the HAZMAT team, a member of the former Underwater Recovery team, and as a Volunteer Firefighter.

“Sometimes it comes to the decision, ‘Do I go get the in the red truck or do I go get in the crime scene truck?’ Sometimes I have to switch hats or helmets as we say.“ Riniker says.

I asked Riniker if he ever plans to truly retire, he said in a few years he probably will. As for how he’ll spend his time in retirement…

“The wife and I will spend some time traveling, we’ve already made plans for that.” Riniker says.

Riniker says he enjoys hunting and teaching others how to properly use rifles on his days off.

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