Salute the Badge - RCPD's new Victim Advocate Coordinator is ready to support crime victims

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 11:07 PM CST
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Riley County Police Department recently announced their updated sexual assault reporting policy. To go along with it - they hired a victim advocate coordinator to assist victims of violent crimes.

Originally from Salina, Melissa Mosher spent the last 8 years in Uganda where she helped develop a program sponsoring educational opportunities for children in an orphanage.

“Coming back this way, I definitely wanted to kind of redefine what my career was. I love working with youth, I’ll always have a special passion for youth.” Riley County Police Department, Victim Advocate Coordinator, Melissa Mosher says.

Moving back to the US, Melissa was looking for job where she could use her background as a social worker, and her passion for creating new programs.

“I love the idea of collaborating, being part of a community, and networking, and you know, then serving vulnerable populations in our community like all of those kind of jelled together and made me really excited.” Mosher says.

With their new ‘Your option. Your control’ policy, Riley Co. Police wanted a full time advocate for victims of sexual assault and violent crimes. That’s where Melissa comes in.

“She’s got a great background, although she’s new to this type of advocacy, she’s done work with helping people who need help in other areas.” Riley County Police Department, director, Dennis Butler says.

Melissa will assist victims of sexual assault throughout the entire investigation process.

“Being able to assist that victim, with understanding the investigation process, being there with them to answer any questions, to explain what’s happening.” Mosher says.

“She works very closely with the detectives and victims, when someone has been victimized.” Butler says.

Melissa will help victims to understand their options for reporting, and what kind of investigation it will bring.

“I think that it’s important for victims of crime to know that there is someone within the law enforcement system that is being designated specifically for them.” Mosher says.

Melissa hopes to help more victims feel comfortable reporting crimes, knowing they have someone to support them.

“Hopefully to be able to convey that to citizens that, you know, law enforcement are our friends, they are here to serve us…you know they do have our best interest at heart.” Mosher says.

Melissa joined RCPD in September and is excited to be back in Kansas

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