Salina men who found $1M lottery ticket receive Helping Hand for good deed

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 10:27 AM CDT
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If you've ever found money on the street, you know it can be pretty exciting. What about finding a lottery ticket worth one million dollars? What would you do if you knew who it belonged to?

That happened to two Salina men.

On March 18th Andy Patel was working at the Pit Stop gas station in Salina when something pretty incredible happened.

Kal Patel, who's parents own the store, says a long-time customer came in and handed Andy three folded up lottery tickets.

He checked two of them, but forgot to check the third until after the customer was already gone.

"After they left he realized, oh crap, there's another ticket on the thing, so he checked the other ticket and that's the one that ended up being a million dollar winner," said Kal Patel.

As you can imagine, Andy began to freak out and immediatly called Kal.

"Was there any point that you guys thought, you know what? 'Let's just keep the ticket.' Because that's life changing," asked Evans. "I mean, it's a million dollar ticket. It's going to rush through everyone's mind, but they were our good customers for 10 plus years now," said Kal.

So they decided Kal would drive the neighborhood and try to find the customer. They knew he was a regular and lived in the area, but it took two attempts before he found and flagged them down.

"I walked up to them and told them and they were just shaking," said Kal.

"How did you feel to be able to do that?" asked Evans. "I felt really good. I believe in good karma, bad karma. That was one of the instances of good karma where good karma would come around at some point later in life," said Kal.

That point came sooner than he realized, when I pulled out an iPad and played him this video from DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

"Doing the right thing when nobody is watching, that's integrity. And because of your good deeds Kal, we're excited to give you a Helping Hand's check in the amount of $1,200. Way to go!" said Dustin DeVaughn.

"Thank you so much DeVaughn James and everyone else at the firm. This means a lot. We'll continue what we're doing here. Thank you so much."