STRONG VIDEO: Owner claims KC officer killed her dog for no reason

Published: Aug. 3, 2016 at 9:12 PM CDT
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A North Kansas City woman is demanding justice after she says police shot and killed her dog for no reason.

Brandee Buschman set up surveillance cameras to keep a close eye on the classic cars in their driveway. She never imagined capturing video of their family pet's last breath.

In an instant, 11 years of companionship ended, clutched in Buschman's arms. Thirteen-year-old Sierra was rescued more than a decade ago and, like so many other dogs, her favorite thing to do was go for a ride in the car.

"They killed her and she died right there in front of my steps. She ain't deserve that," she said. "My dog! She's part of the family. She didn't do anything, looking to see who was at the door."

Buschman says police knocked at her front door just after 11:00 p.m. Saturday. She thought it was a friend or neighbor. On the video, you can see the officer on the right - with his gun - before Buschman opened the front door, springing Sierra free.

"She's scared, turning around looking for help from me... and they moved in an gunned her down," Buschman recalled. "You can see it in the video."

KCTV5, the CBS-affiliate in Kansas City, spoke directly with KCPD Captain Stacy Graves to find out why an officer started shooting.

"Officers were alerted to a residence where sounds of an argument, sounds of a disturbance were happening," she said. "A dog came out of that residence and longed at officers and, in fear of their personal safety, officers shot the dog."

Buschman has since buried Sierra on her secluded Northland property.

"The murdered her," she says.