SNEAK PEEK: The Iron Rail Brewery hopes to be part of downtown rebirth

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Iron Rail Brewery pays homage to the rail road history of the capital city, while also pushing the revitalization of downtown Topeka.

Soon, customers at the Iron Rail Brewery will be able to enjoy their beer and American style cuisine in full view of the brew tanks.

Brewmaster Don King says all the classic style of beers will be available once doors open and he hopes to expand the beer list later on.

“We'll be looking at doing some things maybe a little more outside the normal and kind of see what the folks here in Topeka would like to drink," King said.

With several other breweries in town, King says it's not about competition, but about continuing the beer culture of the city and drawing people downtown.

"The brewing community is very close-knit. I think Topeka beer here is a pretty high bar,” King said. “I think that will attract a lot of beer lovers here to Topeka quite honestly."

Beer is not the only thing on the menu. They hope to move beyond typical bar food.

"It's something new to the community. It's bringing a new light to food and making things more exciting,” Jonathan Londer, Executive Chef, said. “We want to make sure everyone has a great experience and enjoys everything that comes to their plate."

King said he can't wait to open the front doors and help be a part of the rebirth of downtown Topeka.

"I think this downtown area is really cool, I think this building is really cool,” King said. “I think people are going to have fun coming down here drinking beer and trying the food."

Topeka Brewfest will be held on November 17th downtown where there will be a sneak peek of the brewery.

Doors will open on November 19th.