Cross Creek at Rossville Water Levels

Rossville residents are preparing for moderate floods that may occur between today and midnight Monday.

The National Weather Service issued a Flood Warning for Cross Creek, the Wakarusa River, and the Kansas River, indicating that flooding is imminent or already happening. The flooding is estimated to crest around 28 feet by 1 a.m. June 24th.

Shawnee County Public Works is giving out sand and sandbags at the Rossville High School parking lot. They have also activated a Local Area Emergency message for the area through IPAWS, WEA, EAS, and the NWS.

Effects at different flood levels:

  • 31: Flooding of homes in Rossville north of the railroad tracks continues.
  • 29: Pine and Pottawatomie Streets near the creek flood. Homes will be threatened by flood waters in Rossville north of the railroad tracks.
  • 28.4: Flood waters reach the low steel of the railroad bridge over Cross Creek. Flood waters begin to impact areas on the north side of Rossville.
  • 25: Minor flooding along the creek occurs.

    Inundation Mapping!
    Rossville is a special location for this feature
    Raise the water level yourself here to see which parts of Rossville are likely to flood at each potential crest.

    Here is the link to Indundation Mapping

    You can stay updated on the situation by visiting the City website. You can also contact Shawnee County Dept. of Emergency Management Director Dusty Nichols at 785-251-4152 with any questions you may have.