Riphan comments on Gov. Kelly's Phase 1.5 emergency actions

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (Facebook / MGN)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- One member of the Shawnee County Commission is taking aim at Governor Kelly’s emergency actions in Kansas.

Commissioner Bill Riphan says Governor Kelly needs to "pick up the pace" when it comes to reopening the Kansas economy in response to Phase 1.5 to Reopen Kansas, which he thought was too restrictive.

In an editorial published in the Topeka Capital Journal today, Riphan says lives will be lost if the economy does not recover quickly.

Riphan goes on to say he does not support "anything that looks like a police state" and says adults are capable of doing their own "cost-risk" analysis before they head out the door.

Riphan said the current pandemic could lead to the creation of another crisis -- the destruction of the livelihood of many area citizens.
Riphan’s final comment was quote, “Governor Kelly, please stop the slow walk off the cliff”

Riphan and Fellow Shawnee County Commissioner Kevin Cook told the paper that Riphan made those statements as a private citizen, not as a public official.