Riley Co. Police Department announces One Mind Campaign pledge

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Riley County Police Department recently announced its newest initiative, the One Mind Campaign.

The One Mind Campaign is a program from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to help ensure successful interactions between RCPD, the community, and local mental health organizations, like Pawnee Mental Health.

RCPD has committed to this campaign to develop and implement a standard practice on how to respond to persons affected by mental illness.

Officers and Staff will receive training and certification on recognizing signs of mental illness, when they encounter it in their interactions with the public, however, they will not be diagnosing mental illnesses.

“It’s a public commitment to that we want to share with our community, about our seriousness with doing a better job or elevating our performance in…helping people who are dealing with mental health crisis.” Riley County Police Department, Director, Dennis P. Butler says.

With the support of the Pawnee Mental Health and RCPD Co-Responder Brynne Haverkamp, the hope is to get people with mental illness the help they need before they would escalate to being arrested..